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Founder | Scientist | Gamer | Psychologist

Dr. Evelyn Tan

I explore the fabric of social connections and teamwork in digital spaces.

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I build and design systems that shape positive social interactions in games.



I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to parents who instilled a tenacious blend of drive, passion, and determination.

Their mantra? Pursue what matters, and excel at it.


As a child, I embraced competitive team sports and immersed myself in the world of video games. This fostered a deep curiosity about human behavior and our motivations. Through these experiences, I've come to see social interactions through a unique lens: that of a meticulously designed game.


Sebastian Long

Managing Director @ Player Research

"Evelyn is a relatable, engaging speaker -- building on her twin passions of esports and effective interpersonal collaboration -- bringing a refreshing theory-led clarity to actual challenges facing developers of competitive games."
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