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Building Trust in New Teams: The Power of Digital Games

A comparison of the effectiveness of video game compared to a typical social icebreaker for building trust in 20 new virtual teams.

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How Communication Patterns Reveal Cohesion: A Study Using 'League of Legends' Teams

A mixed-methods study on 48 teams, investigating the relationship between team communication patterns, cohesion, satisfcation, and performance in ad hoc League of Legends teams.

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Quality over Quantity: Communication, Performance, and Team Climate

A behavioural-based study investigating text communication behaviours of 33 teams of strangers in cooperative play.

two pilots communicating

To Understand Team Dynamics, Look at How They Communicate

My PhD thesis: 173 pages exploring the theory of team dynamics, how high-stake teams optimize performance, and why team communication is the best place to look.

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